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Blog - Lisa Bond Photography

  • My Camera & Lenses

    I shoot exclusively with Fuji X-Series, at the moment this is the X-T3 model. Fuji are renowned for the colour tone and the selection of film simu...
  • The Spell Bound Collection

    Inspired by witchiness, folklore and the darker side of nature, this collection encompasses deep-inked illustrative captures of ever changing, res...
  • Help Adults With ADHD

    I decided recently to donate 10% of my profit from print sales to organisations and individuals who are raising awareness and supporting others liv...
  • On location - The Lavender Harvest

    Summer in the French countryside can be hard work if you are one of the many for whom the season is the busiest. Hot, back breaking work to cut th...
  • Special Offer on new Fine Art Greetings Cards

    The next best thing to receiving a hand written letter in the post is getting a beautiful, carefully chosen card with a special hand-written note inside. Not everyone may agree, but I think this is more personalised than the mass produced, pithy messages in traditional greetings cards.
  • Canal Life in the North of England

    The Canal & River Trust estimate that 15,000 boats are permanently lived on in the UK; recent figures talked about in the media suggest this figure is far greater. There is no reliable way to record the numbers. 
  • North Sea Coast

    The images in this post are from the Salt & Surf Collection  I grew up with a view of the sea and within a 3 mile walk to the nearest long str...
  • Place - A Poem

    I haven't attempted poetry for a long time, but I was travelling by train from Leeds to London listening to Kanding Ray and I just felt inspired. The words poured out and I didn't experience any pencil chewing or blocks. So, I thought I'd share it accompanied by some images. I am not a pro poet, but the words perfectly convey how I was feeling at the time. The same way my photography captures a moment, to which I add creative techniques to enhance.
  • Form - Ancient Woodland

    When you spend time in an ancient woodland, not only can you feel the absence of noise, but also time seems to stop, or becomes something distant. You can almost feel the creep of growth beneath your feet and overhead. I have included images, links, a playlist and my process.
  • Liminal Landscapes

    Mid February 2018 I borrowed a friend’s car and booked myself into a YHA and set off with my camera and associated necessities (hand warmers, tripod, various filters and a willingness to freeze my tits off) for the Norfolk coast. I was writing an article about Liminality and wanted to explore the marshlands and creeks of the region. As a photographer and writer, 

    'You either get Norfolk, with its wild roughness and uncultivated oddities, or you don't. It's not all soft and lovely. It doesn't ask to be loved.' Stephen Fry

  • The Yorkshire Moors

    Taken over several years on the moorlands and woodlands in Yorkshire, I explore these wild, weathered, often bleak, but always beautifully atmospheric habitats. As well as the outstanding views of the wide open Moors and Dales, the big skies; the remnants of Yorkshire's industrial past are still visible in the landscape.

    "Half Savage... and hardy and free" Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte