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Place - A Poem


Eyes drawn to an abandoned car park
A lake expanse, surface shining 
Broken up by rubble and weed islands

Up, at tall blocks, blinking windows
Luke-warmed by the glow of a rising winter sun
Two sleek silver chimneys reflecting time
Now and then

Rusty ferns, bridges and metal gantry
There are seals in the estuary stained orange
From years of industry leaving
Irony deposits in the watery mud

I spy a fox making long strides, cocky - visible
‘A man walking his dog’ across a scrap of wasteland
Nowhere clandestine here, no limbs poking from undergrowth
Not a tree, nor birds, no song, only a whistled command

Places I know for reasons i don’t 
I run through the route in my head to remember
Not content with the knowledge of just having been there
Which version of me left her trace?