My Creative Process

Fuji X-T3

I shoot exclusively with Fuji X-Series, at the moment this is the X-T3 model. Fuji are renowned for the colour tone and the selection of film simulations - I'm a big fan. The camera is small & lightweight as expected for a mirrorless camera. Being a former Nikon DSLR user I can vouch for the space & wrist saving benefits.

Alongside the amazing quality of images, even straight out of camera Jpegs, this camera looks so good. I'm a vintage fan who also appreciates modern styling - this camera is beautiful - build quality, styling and gorgeous leather accessories complete the look. Aesthetics aside it is quite a discreet camera, so perfect for street photography and those situations where candid is best. The size and functionalities of the easily accessible dials for ISO & shutterspeed enable me to participate in rather than simply capture my surroundings. I feel fully immersed. I can also assign functions to buttons at the back of the camera which work well for me. Everything in the right place (for me)!

I love the Lensbaby brand - they make incredibly high quality, ingenious manual focus lenses. The reason I chose this style of lens is because they force you to be creative and to see a scene in a different light and from a completely different perspective. They are sharp when you want them to be but also velvety soft and so much fun to use. They require a good knowledge of manual photography (the techy stuff), but mostly they require creativity and a bit of a rebellious nature. this suits my style of photography.

Using several creative in camera & editing techniques, I tell stories with my multi-layered work, emphasising intimacy with my surroundings & representing my place in the world. Both the Seen and the Unseen, the dark & the light - the elements of nature & being.

 My work reflects my interactions  – the ethereal, and the bewitching. My inspirations come from music (electronic, alternative through to jazz), stories, ancient history, magic & a dark nature aesthetic.

From my floating studio ‘Under April Skies’ I create Photo Art available as Giclee prints, framed prints, hand bound artist books & limited edition encaustic work.

I use Photoshop for editing - often creating multiple exposures, designing my own brushes and blended texture layers. 

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