My name is Lisa Bond

 "There is an interesting layering and interweaving of atmospheres in the images; they capture the beauty of rural areas but are not merely traditional images of it, rather they create an often haunted landscape that is both entrancing and at times subtly, quietly unsettling.

There is also a textural quality to them which, while they have their own character, puts me in mind here and there of some of the work that graphic designer Vaughan Oliver and photographer/filmmaker Nigel Grierson did between 1983-1988, often for the 4AD record label."

I am a photographic artist based in Yorkshire, England and in the Midi-Pyrenees, France. 

As an award winning photographer and lover of the 'other', my work explores our relationships with nature and our sense of place; sometimes evoking ‘imagined’ histories based on perceptions and emotions.

By using several creative in camera and editing techniques, I tell stories with my multi-layered work, emphasising intimacy with our surroundings.

I want my work to reflect my interactions with the world – the ethereal, and the bewitching. My tendency is to sway to the dark side, whilst loving the light. My inspirations come from music, folklore, ancient magic and a witch aesthetic. I love tarot and runes - one day I will find the time to practice.

I share my playlists on my Facebook and Twitter pages. My latest accompanies the Spellbound collection and varies from Industrial, Electronic through to Alternative and Classical. Haunting and steeped in mystery.

My multimedia work enables me to create unique pieces of art, taking my photography to another level using hand & digitally painted elements, encaustic wax and other mediums to create the finished piece. 

My degree is in Archaeology. Studying this subject has given me a solid background to explore themes of ritual and our changing landscapes. My studies also increased my awareness of bias in historical writing and the way past cultures are written about through our own lens on the world - unconscious bias. I think this comes through in my writing and in my art. You can view some of my articles on the links below.

I have lived on a narrow boat for thirteen years. I love this way of life, we are so much closer to nature, and it suits my itchy feet and free spirit. 

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